What our students are saying: 

“I love the courses at Libman Education. I did the A&P course to refresh for ICD 10 and was very happy with it. I love the approach it had with games and quizzes. Made learning fun and easier.” — Joanne S., CCS  


“The best part is that it is really specific to what we as coders need to know.  It is to the point and I like that.”


“Love the A&P Course!  Love it, love it, love it. The format is very easy to use. The info is very good. The outlines of the information are well done. Will recommend to my friends. I usually do not write e-mails like this. This product is excellent and well done. Worth every penny! You can quote me on that!”

“It weeds out a lot of stuff not needed for coding, since coding people designed the course.  It includes materials on disease processes that coders may see documented every day, so it is more relevant than the usual college level Anatomy and Physiology course.  The variety of modalities for learning the material is helpful-that is, the repetition through visual diagrams, videos, and a variety of games, reinforces the learning process.”

“I liked that it could be completed when my schedule allowed.”

“I would advise any coder to take such a course.   First, it will wake up parts of the brain that may not have been used for a while.  Second, it will bring back study skills that I suspect may not have been used for a long time in experienced coders.   These skills will be needed, along with the enhanced A/P knowledge, especially in entering the brave new world of ICD 10 PCS.  Finally it will give a coder, either inexperienced or experienced, more confidence going into that brave new world, and I may say, won’t hurt in dealing with the remaining years of ICD-9-CM.”

“I am glad I signed up for this class because
I think this refresher has been very beneficial to me… I plan to keep my book handy when we go live with I-10. (Not quite old enough to retire, so I have to view this as a wonderful opportunity to learn and avoid Alzheimer’s!)”

“I taught A+P related courses at the college level so I enrolled in the course with some skepticism.  In other words, “can I learn anything new?” I was pleasantly surprised because although I did that teaching, it was a long time ago.   The most important thing I took away from the course was the regaining of study skills, which will be needed for learning the new ICD 10 and PCS courses.  Other than that, it woke up a lot of A+P knowledge that was dormant, not having been actively used for years.   I suspect that will be true for many experienced coders.”

“I thought the class was a great refresher.  … This class is just what an experienced coder needs; it covers and reviews the basics.  … I did like the interactive “games.”  I think they’re a great learning tool; it breaks up the dryness of some of the material.”

“Overall, I thought the course was excellent but it was definitely more work than I thought it was going to be.  I’m relieved it’s done with to tell you the truth, but I did enjoy the challenge it presented.  It’s nice to know the brain actually works!”

“I did enjoy the class, and it was a great refresher.”

“As far as the A&P course….it was a very good course, one I learned a lot from, and one I would encourage others to take.  I actually have all the printed material from the course in a notebook at my desk.  I thought the material on the web-site was excellent…very well put together.  It will definitely come in handy especially for ICD-10. I thought the book was very, very good, and I will keep that at work as well.”

“I think the A&P course is great!  It is exactly what I needed and so much is coming back to me and already I have used the knowledge I am gaining.”