This online course provides an introduction to the structure and design of the ICD-10-PCS system and the content of the coding guidelines. The course provides education on assigning codes within the medical and surgical section of ICD-10-PCS, with complete education on the 31 root operations used in the coding process. Developed by one of the textbook authors, this course guides the learner through the first six chapters of the accompanying textbook and includes additional examples, exercises, case studies and coding tips not found within the textbook.

This course is the first of three Libman Education courses on ICD-10-PCS for current coding professionals. It will prepare the learner for the remaining two courses:  “The Medical and Surgical-related and Ancillary Sections of PCS” and “Advanced ICD-10-PCS Coding by Body System.”

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Students who complete this course will be able to:

  • Identify the code format, system structure, and design of ICD-10-PCS.
  • Demonstrate the code building process through the use of the index and tables.
  • Apply Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting of ICD-10-PCS codes.
  • Given a case scenario, select the necessary statements to code and apply Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting to support an accurate code assignment.

The course consists of six lessons. Each lesson takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Lesson 1:  System Structure and Design
Code format
System structure
Coding building process
Additional resources in the Index

Lesson 2: ICD-10-PCS Coding Guidelines
Content of the ICD-10-PCS Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting
Examples to demonstrate the use of the Guidelines
Application of the Guidelines to coding scenarios

Lesson 3: Root Operations that Take Out All or Part of a Body Part or Solids/Fluids/Gases
Definitions of and code assignment with:
Excision, Resection, Detachment, Destruction, Extraction, Drainage, Extirpation, Fragmentation

Lesson 4: Root Operations that Cut or Separate, Put In or Put Back or Move Body Parts
Definitions of and code assignment with:
Division, Release, Transplantation, Reattachment, Transfer, Reposition

Lesson 5: Root Operations that Alter the Diameter or Route or Involve a Device
Definitions of and code assignment with:
Restriction, Occlusion, Dilation, Bypass, Insertion, Replacement, Supplement, Change, Removal, Revision

Lesson 6: Root Operations that Involve Examination Only, Other Repairs or Other Objectives
Definitions of and code assignment with:
Inspection, Map, Control, Repair, Fusion, Alteration, Creation

ICD-10-PCS, Part 1:  The Med/Surg Section is for inpatient coders with knowledge of the ICD-10-CM coding system.

For individuals new to coding, consider Libman Education’s ICD-10-PCS:  Procedure Coding, a foundational course for students without previous coding experience.

“I just finished the first section of ICD-10-PCS. Very well done.  Definitely will help me in learning this system.” — Nannette B

“Lynn is an inspirational teacher. She ignites a passion for coding within you!” — Kristen T

“Lynn, your explanations are clear, concise and to the point. Recommend it to any and all.  It is a confidence booster!” — Leslie C

“I met Lynn at ICD-10 training. She is a great trainer of ICD-10.“ — Linda D., RHIT, CCS

“I love the ICD-10-PCS An Applied Approach text. It delves into complex material.” — Carole G., RHIT, CCS, Coding Consultant

“Any of Libman Education’s courses are worth time and cost.  Always walk away with a useable, clarity or reinforcement of subject matter.” 

“I just wanted to let you know that the articles written by Lynn are a great help. I read them all the time and learn something new each time. Please let her know what a fine job she does.” — Kira G., RHIT, IP Coder III

“Lynn always has a way of getting the information across in a simple, understandable way!” — Janice N.

“Just heard Gail and Lynne’s PCS workshop – fantastic information and terrific speakers!!” — Jacqueline F., RHIT, CCS, DRG Validation Specialist

Lynn Kuehn is president of Kuehn Consulting, LLC, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a consulting firm specializing in coding for all settings and physician practice management issues. Lynn is a nationally recognized trainer on ICD-10-PCS and other HIM-related topics.

Lynn served on the AHIMA Board of Directors and authored several of AHIMA’s most popular books including Procedural Coding and Reimbursement for Physician Services; CCS-P Exam Preparation, and ICD-10-PCS: An Applied Approach.

Together with her co-Author Theresa Jorwic, Lynn received the Triumph Literary Legacy Award from AHIMA for ICD-10-PCS: An Applied Approach.  Called the “go-to” resource for learning and mastering ICD-10-PCS, ICD-10-PCS: An Applied Approach provides step-by-step instructions and exercises at all levels, and is used throughout Kuehn’s ICD-10-PCS courses authored for Libman Education.

ICD-10-PCS: An Applied Approach by Lynn Kuehn and Teri Jorwic, published by the American Health Information Management Association. The 2018 edition is available for purchase here (Amazon) or here (AHIMA).

ICD-10-PCS Code Book, current version (any vendor) or students may elect to use electronic files.







To receive a Certificate of Completion, students must achieve a passing score of 70% or higher and complete 6 hours of contact instruction.

Those who successfully complete the course are eligible for 6 AHIMA CEUs.

This program has the prior approval of AAPC for 4 CEUs. Granting of prior approval in no way constitutes endorsement by AAPC of the program content or the program sponsor.

To receive CEU credit, students must achieve a passing rate on the course assessment(s). Students are able to repeat the course assessment(s) until they have mastered the material.

Students will have up to 16 weeks to complete the course. To receive an optional extension, contact Libman Education at [email protected] for pricing.

ICD-10-PCS, Part 1: The Med/Surg Section
$220 per person/per course

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