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Anatomy and Physiology Whitepaper

Anatomy and Physiology – ICD-10 Whitepaper

With the ICD-10 deadline approaching, are you prepared for the significant coding changes slated to occur?

Don’t delay– learn how an Anatomy &∓ Physiology course can help medical coders take the first steps toward ICD-10 readiness. Download our FREE whitepaper “A Critical First Step. Getting Medical Coders Ready for ICD-10-CM/PCS.”

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10 Tasks for HIPAA Omnibus Compliance

Covered Entities (CEs), Business Associates (BAs) and their Sub-Contractors need to address the 10 tasks in order to become compliant with the Omnibus Final Rule modifications by the September 23, 2013 compliance deadline. Download this whitepaper to understand what the impact of this deadline will have on your organization.

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FInal Rule Home Health Whitepaper

2013 FINAL RULE:  Home Health Whitepaper

Now that the 2013 Final Rule for Home Health is in effect, it is imperative to understand the significant changes related to home health-related coding.

Are you ready?  Agencies need to teach their clinicians about the proper sequencing of diagnoses and use of M1024 for payment diagnosis. Don’t wait – get equipped with our FREE whitepaper “Understand Coding Under the 2013 Final Rule for Home Health.”

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Well Trained Coders: A Return on Investment in Home Health

Having staff that is well trained in ICD-9-CM coding will save a Home Health agency time, money and reduce the risk of audit. Accurate coding is essential in order for the home health agency to receive appropriate reimbursement under the Medicare Prospective Payment System (PPS). Monies are easily lost due to  incorrect or incomplete coding: an average coding mistake can cost an agency a minimum of $300 – $400 per episode. Download this whitepaper and learn more >

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ICD-10 Preparation Plan for Post Acute Care

Not much time is left before the ICD-10 deadline. To help you prepare, we have created an ICD-10 Preparation Plan for Post Acute Care. This plan identifies key areas that need preparation, and includes a checklist for efficiently gauging your progress.

Understand where you coding department is, and where it needs to be by downloading your ICD-10 preparation road map today.

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