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Designed specifically for CDI professionals, CCS Exam Prep: CCS for CDI prepares participants to sit for AHIMA’s Certified Coding Specialist (CCS®) coding credential exam.

CCS Exam Prep: CCS for CDI combines online lectures, presentations, and practice exams with weekly live instructor-led virtual class sessions to provide a thorough review of the materials covered on the ICD-10-based CCS exam.

Our nationally renowned CCS exam instructor provides individual mentoring and coaching with proven test-taking strategies that have helped hundreds to achieve CCS success.

Tuition: $1495 per person/per course

The CCS Exam Prep: CCS for CDI Spring Session prepares students for the 2018 CCS Exam and takes place Fridays 7 a.m. EST, March 16-August 3. To apply, click here


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There are several reasons why a CDIS should consider earning their CCS:

1. The process of preparing for the CCS requires in-depth review of ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and CPT code sets. This in-depth knowledge of coding helps CDIS to efficiently evaluate existing documentation for improvement opportunities that will have the greatest impact on coding accuracy and specificity.

2. The conventions of the classification and Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting dictate how ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS codes are assigned. Detailed knowledge and recall of the conventions of the classification systems and the guidelines that govern its application are key to CCS exam success as well as CDIS efficacy.

3. Coders and CDIS are on the same team but maintain different objectives in relation to documentation. Communication and a strong working relationship between the CDIS and coder are vital. CDIS that are also CCS can bridge the communication gap and provide important insight to both functions.

4. The success of inpatient CDI programs has encouraged some hospitals to expand the role of the CDI Specialist to outpatient services (surgical day care, emergency room, radiology, etc.) as well. Many CDIS, as second career clinicians, have little knowledge or experience of CPT coding. The level of CPT knowledge necessary for CCS exam success will position these CDIS with the CPT skills needed as the CDI function pushes further into outpatient services.

LIbman Education’s CCS for CDI provides the foundational coding knowledge essential for CCS success: in-depth study of the ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS and CPT code sets, the conventions of the classification, and guidelines which govern the application of the codes.

Are you unsure if the CCS for CDI is right for you?  The application process includes Libman Education’s CCS Exam Skills Assessment which is sent to each applicant.  Measuring foundational coding skills in ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS and CPT, the CCS Exam Skills Assessment is an effective tool for you to determine your readiness for CCS success.


CCS Exam Prep: CCS for CDI includes the following:

  • Seventeen weeks of intensive preparation and personalized attention ensure participants stay on track for the CCS Exam.
  • Additional preparation focused on CPT coding, a key component of the CCS exam.
  • Live one-hour classes are held weekly via web-based conferencing, and are available to participants anywhere with internet access
  • Two hours of recorded lectures each week on critical topics.  Recorded lectures may be listened to repeatedly until the material is mastered.
  • Additional coursework to include reading assignments, coding exercises, and quizzes. Depending on experience and skill-level, students should expect to spend an additional 15-30 hours completing additional coursework each week.
  • Bonus content!  Students enrolled in the CCS Exam Prep will receive a one year subscription to the Virtual Lab (VLab), a $110 value, at no additional charge.  This web-based, practical, participatory, coding environment has been selected by Libman Education to provide CCS Exam Prep students online access to critical resources including Coding Clinic, CPT Assistant,  and AHA’s ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Coding Handbook.
  • Extensive proprietary study materials supplemented by carefully selected textbooks and additional resources
  • Includes quizzes with direct feedback and review with the instructor
  • Strictly limited class size ensures one-on-one mentoring and personalized live instruction
  • More Bonus content!  Participants enrolled in the CCS Exam Prep will receive the CCS Mock Exam, a $149 value, at no additional charge.   The Mock Exam will test your coding skills and provide a realistic assessment of your readiness to sit for the CCS credential exam.

A detailed course syllabus including week by week description of materials covered is available here.

Spring Session:
Fridays 7am EST
March 16-August 3, 2018 (no class on 3/30, 5/4, 5/25, and 7/6)
17 weeks
Application period is now open

Please note:  Spring Session CCS for CDI will prepare students for the 2018 CCS Exam.



“I have to tell you that Mary Beth is the BOMB!!!!!!! She is great at what she does. I just want to thank all of you for having this course and helping everyone to achieve their goal of becoming certified. I will never forget Mary Beth and her kind words that she offered each week of the course. I enjoyed her class. Mary Beth makes every student feel important!” — Jeannine B., RHIT, CCS, HIM Manager

“I want to thank you for one of the best experiences of my life.  The growth that took place astounds me.  Mary Beth is one of the best instructors I have ever had.  Not only did I pass the CCS, my scores were 367/400 or 92%.  I’m so glad that I met you! “

“I really liked the virtual classes. I enjoyed the way it was done because you still have the instructor explaining and being able to ask questions.”

“I feel that CCS Exam Prep was well worth the cost. I highly recommend this course for coders that feel ready to attempt their CCS certification.”

“This email could not have come at a better time. My boss and I were both talking about expanding our credentials (CCS and RHIT)! So, thank you for this opportunity!”
— Christine A., RN, BSN, Manager of CDI Clinical Education, on an email about the CCS for CDI course

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Mary Beth York, CCS, CCS-P, CIC
Mary Beth York has over twenty year’s experience in coding, auditing and documentation improvement for hospitals ranging from community to teaching hospitals as well as physician group practices.  As an educator, Mary Beth has taught in a broad range of settings from large classroom, to small group, to one-on-one instruction.  Mary Beth has taught Libman Education’s highly successful CCS Exam Prep courses for eight years and has also taught CCS-P exam preparation skills, interventional radiology, and physician education on documentation requirements and assignment of E&M levels. Mary Beth York is a Senior Associate with Barry Libman Inc.

To enroll in Libman Education’s CCS Exam Prep: CCS for CDI, participants must have hands-on acute-care hospital CDI experience.

Provided materials:  The course tuition includes online access to all course and proprietary study materials.

Participants will also receive a one year subscription to the Virtual Lab (VLab), a $110 value, at no additional charge.  This web-based, practical, participatory, coding environment has been selected by Libman Education to provide CCS Exam Prep participants online access to critical resources including Coding Clinic, CPT Assistant,  and AHA’s ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Coding Handbook.

Required materials: Our next session will prepare candidates for the 2018 CCS Exam. Each participant in the class is required to purchase (or have access to) the following edition-specific textbooks.

  1. Professional Review Guide Online for the CCS Examination, 2018, 2 terms (12 months) Instant Access, 1st Edition (not available for purchase until January 2018)
  2. 2018 ICD-10-CM Code Book, (any approved publisher*)
  3. 2018 ICD-10-PCS Code Book, (any approved publisher*)
  4. CPT 2018 Standard or CPT 2018 Professional (published by the American Medical Association)

* Please note: It is important that each participant have the correct edition and date of each publication as specified. Failure to have the correct edition and date will result in not being able to complete assignments.
Candidates for the CCS exam are required to bring the correct edition of code books to the test center. Candidates who do not bring the correct code books to the test center will not be allowed to test and will forfeit their exam fees. The allowable code books are published on the AHIMA website (see “List of Allowable Code Books: ICD-10” in the right-hand column):

Note: The 2018 List of Allowable Code Books: ICD-10 has not been updated on the AHIMA website to date.


  1. Complete the application An application is required for admission to the course.
  2. Complete the CCS Skills Assessment. The CCS Skills Assessment will be sent to you within one business day of receiving your application. The CCS Skills Assessment is online and can be started whenever is convenient for you. The assessment is a tool utilized to assess your foundational coding skills and your readiness to attempt the CCS exam. Please allow 3 hours for completion.
  3. Interview with the instructor. An interview with the instructor is required prior to course acceptance. Once you complete the CCS Skills Assessment, the instructor will contact you by email or phone to schedule an interview. The interview will include discussion of the CCS exam, your application, the CCS Prep course in detail and answer your questions.

This course awards a Certificate of Completion for those who complete 39 hours of contact instruction.  Those who successfully complete the course are eligible for 39 AHIMA CEUs.

CCS Exam Prep participants will have up to 28 weeks to complete the course. To receive an optional extension, contact Libman Education at [email protected] for pricing.

CCS Exam Prep: CCS for CDI
$1495 per person/per course

Financing available through PayPal CREDIT. Information available at checkout.

Do you have a group to enroll? Simply complete this form and email it to us at [email protected]. You can also call us for group pricing at 978-369-7180.


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