You need to know that your current coders and potential hires have the skills and knowledge needed to code in your unique environment.

Libman Education Coding Skills Assessments can be customized to your facility’s requirements. Using your questions or ours, Libman Education will create coding skills assessments tailored to your unique needs, administer the assessments in our secure online environment, and provide you with a detailed report of results and recommendations for future training based on the expectations and goals you determine.

These customized Coding Skills Assessments offer all the benefits you expect from Libman Education assessments:

  • Detailed reporting of results and recommendations for future training.
  • Self-paced secure online learning platform accessible from any browser or tablet.
  • A management option for office and larger group testing.

Call or email today to discuss how Libman Education can custom-design coding skills assessments for you (978-369-7180 or [email protected]).

The following Coding Skills Assessments are also available individually: