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How I Found My Internship and You Can Too!

by Anjellica Williams

Finding my ideal HIM internship was only a thought, until it became a reality! The world of technology and telecommuting is the future of the workforce and made it possible for me to find a virtual HIM internship. This virtual internship offers me flexibility: the ability to complete my education, have time to study, and also gain valuable, real, hands-on experience. Read more


Are Attorneys Entitled to “HIPAA Rates”?

Kelly McLendon, RHIA, CHPS

After all these years OCR has finally put to rest their position on HIPAA and medical record copy fees. Simply stated some attorneys have alleged that since they were acting upon the request of a patient that the charges for medical records copies they request should have charges at no more than the cost of providing them, as stated under HIPAA. Read more


Coders: Mastering your Craft

by Angela Lehoux, CCS

“Have you memorized the guidelines?” This was a question that I was recently asked. It brought me back to a time in my life when I was a new coder being trained by an “expert,” and I remembered thinking the same thing about my trainer. I am so thankful to this person for asking me this question. I chuckled and honestly answered her, “No, I have my book right next to me. It’s already falling apart because I reference it so much.” Read more