Libman Education’s online Coding Skills Assessments are based on real world scenarios and accurately assess an individual’s competency and skill level.

HIM Directors and Coding Supervisors can quickly and efficiently determine the strengths and weaknesses of coders and potential new hires – and avoid the time-consuming process of creating, administering, and scoring their own assessments.

Coding Skills Assessments include:

Are you interested in a custom-solution?  Let Libman Education create coding skills assessments tailored to your facility’s unique needs.  See our Customized Coding Skills Assessments page for more information. 

Use Libman Education Coding Skills Assessments to

  • Evaluate staff proficiency in key coding disciplines.
  • Aid in employee assessments and career development.
  • Determine suitability for coding positions and promotions.
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of training.
  • Justify requests for training budget allocations.
  • Identify appropriate education for employees.

Libman Education’s Coding Skills Assessments are administered in our secure online environment, and provide you with a detailed report of results and recommendations for future training based on your expectations and goals.

These Coding Skills Assessments can be used in any healthcare setting, and are appropriate for both coding and clinical documentation improvement staff members.

Pricing: Individually priced with discounts available for group enrollments.